interdisciplinary artist // interactive technologies

  • 1 April

    (cancelled due to COVID-19) 
    Master Recital
    Diego Kohn, composer/improvisor

    Programming for Brain-Computer-Interface & Lights | + Performance with Diego Kohn (Viola), Lucas Niggli (Percussion), Thomas Peter (electronics)

    Konzertsaal I, ZHdK

  • May 30

    19:30-23:00 (EDT)

    Accidental Music Festival (Online)

    Null-state intercontinental live coding performance


  • July 18

    11:40 (EDT)

    Network Music Festival

    Null-state  intercontinental live coding performance


  • August 14

    12:30 (CET)


    Wasserkirche, Zürich

    Solo am Mittag concert series

    Chaosflöte + A•I•Y•A

  • September 11

    22:00 (CET)

    International PAM Festival

    Solo concert: diaphragma 

    for Chaosflöte, A•I•Y•A, live sound/live visuals

  • October 24


    Solo Exhibition,

    A•I•Y•A as an interactive audiovisual installation

  • December 

    I.A. Space, ZHdK

    Abschlussprojekt, MA Transdisciplinary Studies

  • March 27-28 (2021)

    Internationalen Gesellschaft für Neue Musik (IGNM) Zürich

    World premiere of composition for laptop ensemble (SynthBeats)

  • Spring 2021 (TBA)


    Tampa Museum of Art

    World Premiere of
    the relativity of hero systems
    fixed media composition

  • July 8 (2021)

  • October 1-4 (2021)

    La Côte Flute Festival

    Chaosflöte full recital, interactive electronics, live visuals, ft. Jaira Peyer/Sounding Feet

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MELODY CHUA actively pushes the development of cross-disciplinary works by bringing together music performance, interactive programming, and immersive visual mediums into her own practice. Melody is the co-creator of the Chaosflöte, a sensor-augmented flute used in interdisciplinary performances and whose electronic versatility challenges the artist to rethink traditional understandings of music performance, composition, and improvisation.


Null-state, Inc. | Co-Founder and Co-President (January 2017-present)

Null-state, Inc. is a non-profit music technology organization co-founded by Melody Chua and Benjamin D. Whiting. From giving workshops on electroacoustic music to performing intercontinental live-coding concerts, Null-state educates and brings experimental music to a wider audience.


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