21 March
17:00 (CET)

(cancelled due to COVID-19)
M4Music Festival

Artificial Intelligence and Creativity | Guest Speaker/Panel Discussion. Moods, Zürich

28 February 2020

17:30 (CET)

Master Recital

Barbara Hidber, composer

Performance of Verzettelt for solo flute

28 January 2020

Museum für Gestaltung Zürich

Chaosflöte + A•I•Y•A performances at the Jubiläumsveranstaltung 25 Jahre Datenschutzgesetz im Kanton Zürich. World premiere of The Many Voices (for Chaosflöte).


19 November 2019

15:30-16:45 (EST)

Null-state Residency

University of South Florida Flute Studio Guest Artist Presentation 

7 November 2019


FreiraumZürcher Kantonalbank 

Chaosflöte presentation

6 November 2019


Geneva International Film Festival (GIFF)

Chaosflöte presentation at Swiss Interactive Sessions

12 October 2019


WHITE PULSE MARATHON Carte Blanche // Chaosflöte
60 performers.  100 x 3mins. No boredom. High speed. 

"A toast to Pheidippides"

27 September 2019

19:00 (CET)

REFRESH 2019 // Digital Festival

Chaosflöte + A•I•Y•A  performance
++World Premiere of NEXT STEP for dancer & electronic shoes

3 September 2019

10:04 (CET)

Swiss Digital Day | Zürich HB

Chaosflöte + A•I•Y•A  (intuitive improvisation machine) performance

30 August 2019

Design Biennale Zürich

Chaosflöte + A•I•Y•A  (intuitive improvisation machine) world premiere

22-26 August 2019

Roche Continents Program

Selected Participant

5-day exchange between scientists and artists, hosted by Roche and the Salzburg Festival

19 July 2019


Sony at Immersive Arts Space

Presentation of Chaosflöte and A•I•Y•A, intuitive improvisation machine

27 June 2019


Null-state Intercontinental Live-coding concert on YouTube Live

12 June 2019


Concert of Improvisation,

ImpoPool of Lucas Niggli

ZHdK Konzertsaal II

25-26 May 2019

<<Artificial Dance>>


Master Project, Jaira Peyer

(interactive sound design)

25 April 2019

17:30 (EDT)

Guest Lecture:

"Fundamentals of Live Audio"

Eastern Florida State College

12 April 2019


Presentation of A•I•Y•A, intuitive improvisation machine

Zürich University of the Arts (ZHdK)

22 March 2019

Null-state selects winners of 2019 Chaosflöte Competition

4 March 2019

Guest lecture:

"Building a Performance Practice for Interactive Electronics"

KEIN KINO: Kino Toni

29 January 2019

Launch of Null-state YouTube Live-coding Tutorial Series

View Channel

24 January 2019

Null-state Intercontinental Live-coding

ONLINE Concert

18 January 2019

19:30 CET

Performance with the ZHdK Contemporary Ensemble (Arc-en-ciel) collaboration project with the Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology 


December 2018

Featured on the Swiss Music Journal Dissonance

"Über das Instrument hinaus"

by Thomas Meyer

8 November 2018

Chaosflöte performance for the Swiss Parliament

at the Seminar der Kommissionen für

Wissenschaft, Bildung und Kultur

des National- und Ständerates

23 October 2018

16:30 Lecture | 19:00 Performance

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Guest Artist/Lecturer (Null-state)

22 October 2018

19:30 (EDT)

Terroir007: Digital Juice

Hidden Springs Ale Works

Null-state performance 

Part 1: Chaosflöte concert

Part 2: Chaosflöte + live coding improvisation jam

18 October 2018

Leah Nash Radio Show

Guest interview with Null-state

16 October 2018

12:30 (EDT) Lecture | 15:00 Masterclass 

Ave Maria University

Guest Artist/Lecturer (Null-state)

Electroacoustic Music | Chaosflöte

13 October 2018

White Pulse Marathon

Myzke - Mythenquai 345, 8038 Zürich

World premiere of PUMP (2018) for

Supercollider and TouchOSC 

7 October 2018

15:00 EST

La Côte Flute Festival

Grand-Champ Theatre

Full Recital Featuring the Chaosflöte

26 September 2018

Eastern Florida State College

Guest Lecturer: Studio Recording Techniques

23 September 2018

18:30 & 19:00 CET

ZHdK Highlights Festival

World premiere of NEXTION for Chaosflöte and live electronics + interactive visuals

22 September 2018

12:00 & 14:00 CET

ZHdK Highlights Festival


Mirror, Mirr0r: Interactive Dance Performance with Motion Capture and Live Electronics (as lead sound designer/programmer)

28 August 2018

U.S. Premiere of Serenspoken

for fixed electronics by Melody Chua

at Eastern Florida State College

June-September 2018


Live Interactive Dance Performance with Motion Capture

Lead developer for interactive sound

12 June 2018

19:00 CEST

DIMENSIONS : Chaosflöte Masterkonzert

An immersive recital of live visuals, Chaosflöte, and unpredictable electronics

Zürcher Hochschule der Künste

Konzertsaal I, Ebene 7

28 May 2018

19:00 CET

Podium: Improvisation Class of Lucas Niggli

Zürcher Hochschule der Künste

Orgelsaal, Ebene 7

25 May 2018

18:00 CET

Uraufführungsabend der Kompositionsklassen

Serenspoken (2018) by Melody Chua for fixed media,

 +  premiering works by Barbara Hidber and Patricia Meier

Zürcher Hochschule der Künste

Konzertsaal I

22 APRIL 2018

17:00 CET

Orchester der Zürcher Hochschule der Künste

works of Berio, Rachmaninow, Rolf Liebermann, Bernd Alois Zimmermann 

Concert at Tonhalle Maag

Zahnradstrasse 22, 8005 Zürich

 7 APRIL 2018

16:00 EST

USF New-Music Festival

Performances of works for Chaosflöte 

Prelude for an Avenoir by Melody Chua 

and Entropic Atelier No. 3 by Benjamin D. Whiting

21 March 2018

15:00 EST

Wayne State University, Michigan

Guest Lecturer

21 February 2018

Zürcher Hochschule der Künste

Presentation on New Concert Formats

5 February 2018

Zürcher Hochschule der Künste

Exclusive Premiere of Chaos Ver. 4 for sensor-augmented Chaosflöte and live visuals/electronics

ZHdK Academic Advisory Committee Event: Future of Creative Industries

26 January 2018

20:00 EST

University of Central Florida

Intercontinental Live-Coding Concert and Workshop

25 January 2018

11:00 EST

Eastern Florida State College

Guest Presentation

19 January 2018

16:15 CET

Zürcher Hochschule der Künste

Contemporary Music Concert



DECEMBER 7, 2017

22:20 (CET)

Lange Nacht: Artikulationen in der zeitgenössischen Musik

Konzertsaal I, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste

Intercontinental Live-Coding Performance

with Benjamin D. Whiting


NOVEMBER 24, 2017

Baroque Flute Masterclass Performance

Rachel Brown, Professor of Baroque Flute at the Royal College of Music 


NOVEMBER 8, 2017

Arc-en-ciel Contemporary Music Concert

Focus Contemporary Zürich West

Zürcher Hochschule der Künste

OCTOBER 31, 2017

Flute Studio Recital

Zürcher Hochschule der Künste


OCTOBER 21, 2017

IMMERSE - Creative City

Intercontinental Live-Coding concert


Downtown Orlando, Florida


OCTOBER 18, 2017

SoLo - The Second Floor Gallery

Intercontinental Live-Coding Concert 


Jacksonville, Florida


SEPTEMBER 20, 2017

ZHdK "Highlights

Performance of Prelude to an Avenoir  and Chaos Ver 2B for Chaosflöte and live electronics + interactive visuals

Toni Areal | Zürich, Switzerland


SEPTEMBER 19, 2017

ZHdK "Insights"

Performance of Prelude to an Avenoir for Chaosflöte and live electronics + interactive visuals
Toni Areal | Zürich, Switzerland 


SEPTEMBER 13, 2017

Digital Festival - Zürich "Creative Wednesdays"

European premiere of Prelude to an Avenoir for Chaosflöte and live electronics + interactive visuals

Kaufleuten | Zürich, Switzerland


SEPTEMBER 5-8, 2017

Null-State at Accidental Music Festival

Workshops and Masterclasses on Electroacoustic Composition and the Sensor-Augmented Chaosflöte (click here for full calendar of events) | Orlando, Florida


Guest Lecturer at Eastern Florida State College

-Recording Techniques

-Logic Pro 



Guest Lecturer at University of Central Florida

Improvisation Workshop



Guest Lecturer at the Melrose Center

Max/Jitter Workshop



Null-state Presentation at Eastern Florida State College



19:30 (EDT)

Null-state + Chaosflöte Concert

Timucua White House

Orlando, Florida


AUGUST 3, 2017

19:30 (CET)

Opera Premiere: Il segreto di Susanna 

Suvretta House | St. Moritz, Switzerland


JULY, 2017

Artist Residency at Immersive Lab
Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology, Zürich:


JULY 2, 2017

Lecture Presentation:

Aesthetic and Practical Considerations

in Electronic Music

Melrose Center

Orlando, Florida


JUNE 22, 2017

Recipient of New Music USA Grant
Null-state | Chaosflöte - Catalyzing a new body of work for the open-source, sensor-augmented flute 

JUNE 18+22, 2017

Performance at recitals of 

Tomomi Matsuo, Anna-Barbara Rösch 


June 17, 2017

Live-Electronics Laptop Performance at 
Center for Art and Media Technology, Karlsruhe (ZKM) Next Generation Festival 7.0


May 20, 2017

Intercontinental Live-Coding Performance by Melody Chua and Benjamin D. Whiting at the Accidental Music Festival 2017 Contemporary Music Marathon. 

Festival Program


May 19, 2017 

Uraufführungsabend der Master-Kompositionsklassen, ZHdK

Third alpha-state Chaosflöte Debut

Chaos Ver. 2b (HCaos variant) for sensor-augmented flute and live electronics+visuals

Zürcher Hochschule der Künste


May 2-5, 2017

Noisefloor Festival Composition Selection

HCaos Ver. 2 for sensor-augmented flute

and live processed sound and live visuals

Staffordshire, England


March 29, 2017

Flute Studio Recital ​

Zürcher Hochschule der Künste


February 27, 2017

Null-state  Presentation

at the University of Central Florida

with Dr. Benjamin D. Whiting 


February 18, 2017

Performance at Tonhalle Concert Hall, Zürich

ZHdK Symphony Orchestra


February 3, 2017

Null-State Presentation at the University of South Florida with Dr. Benjamin D. Whiting


January 14, 2017

Geburtstag der Kunst in Freiburg Germany

Debut of second alpha-state Chaosflöte 

HCaos Ver. 2 for sensor-augmented flute,

live-processed sound, and live-visuals

Composed and performed by Melody Chua

Production of SWR/E-Werk Freiburg/HfG Karlsruhe 2017


November 4, 2016
Flute Studio Recital
Zürcher Hochschule der Künste
July 21, 2016 "
Selective Memory" World Premiere
by Melody Chua, For sensor-augmented flute,
4-channel live electronics, and visuals
Colby Art Museum, Atlantic Music Festival
July 2016
Lecture: "The Important Fundamentals of Electronics and Live Audio Setup"
Atlantic Music Festival, Future Music Lab
Colby College
June-July 2016
Future Music Lab Fellowship
Atlantic Music Festival, IRCAM Collaboration
Director Mari Kimura
May-June, 2016
Montreal Contemporary Music Lab
World Premieres
Keiko Devaux Falling's Just Like Flying
Neil Quigley Elephant in a Dark Room
April, 2016
Electroacoustic Flute Recital
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
World Premieres:
Benjamin D. Whiting Entropic Atelier
March, 2016 
Melody Chua CHAOS ver. 1
2016 College Music Society Conference
Performance of Ashley Fu-Tsun Wang's Antares Falling
Kansas City, Missouri
with pianist Chia-ying Chan 
Dr. Stephen Andrew Taylor Sonification of DNA and Amino Acids
recorded/processed flute samples
January, 2016
Lisa Garner Santa Masterclass
Krannert Center for the Performing Arts
Recording & Sound Production Team
November, 2015 Commercial CD Release 
MODES: Vol. 30 Society of Composers
Benjamin D. Whiting Melodia sin melodia
recorded/processed flute
Aug-Sept, 2015 Grolloo International Flute Festival
News Feature
Grolloo, Netherlands
July, 2015 Project Trio Festival
New York City
2015 Illini Union Board
Sound Engineer/Designer 
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 

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